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"Paul" wrote in message
We're looking for a propane grill in the $500 to $600 range.

We've seen the Vermont Castings at Home Depot and that was our initial
choice, either the $400 three burner model or the $600 four burner

After reading everything here, and the FAQ, we looked at the Weber line
up this morning. We liked the Weber Genesis Gold B for $549. Stainless
steel grates and flavorizer bars. 36,000 BTUs, three burners.

I'd advise you to not get the model with stainless steel (SS) cooking
grates. You want the Weber with porcelain coated cast iron (PCI) grates for
the far greater searing ability. The SS grates will last longer but many of
us paid $50 to upgrade to the PCI grates. Home Depot now carries the Webers
with PCI grates and also sellsd the grates by themselves. Anyone who says
the SS grates sear well hasn't tried the PCI grates since it's a night and
day difference.