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Default Cracking the vase

On Apr 25, 9:13*am, wrote:
At our next PPP ILL ask the surgeon what he uses on his puer. *He
refers to this item as a vivisection table.


PS *I have some puer plaques that will need special tools. *Or ILL
have to resort to the humpty dumpty approach.

On Apr 24, 7:41 am, dogma_i Vz wrote:
...Meets or exceeds Geneva conventions on carving puer...

From the link:

2 - Have you ever stabbed your leg or groin trying to chisel away at
your favorite tea cake or brick?

I'm going with a resounding "No" here. You're doing it wrong if there
is genital scaring with or without a handy bamboo tray.

- Dominic