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Default The Huntress Returns - Follow-Up

George wrote:

> I purchased a nice big sirloin steak from the used meat bin yesterday.
> About an inch thick and half price too. Grilled it on the gas grill and
> presented it to DW. We cut small pieces off for our dinner, added the side
> dishes, BEET GREENS, FRESH BEETS (emphasis for Barb), and green beans. I
> looked back and DW was nuking her piece of steak. Seems medium is to rare
> for her, mine was perfect, juicy, tender, eminently chewable and
> delicious. So were the BEET GREENS AND FRESH BEETS. Nyah!

I cooked some beets last night but they weren't done in time to have them
with dinner. Tonight's dinner will contain a salad with beets, pears,
pecans, and some kind of cheese, which will probably be dressed with a
raspberry vinaigrette.

I haven't given much thought to what else we'll be having; we've got
leftover ham, leftover turkey breast, and leftover roasted Cornish hens.
Hmmm... probably turkey panini with bacon, tomatoes, and arugula.