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Default The Huntress Returns

On Apr 18, 2:27*pm, Melba's Jammin' >
> In article >,
> *George Shirley > wrote:
> > *If you're interested in making beef stock save them up and then do them
> > all at once. I have three bags in the freezer, beef, turkey, chicken.
> > There's also a container of shrimp stock but I do that anytime I buy
> > fresh shrimp off the boat.

> OK, even after they've been cooked, Jorge? *Won't the stock have a
> "grilled beef" flavor?

Dunno about grilled, but I like bones from roasted critters for stock
making. Adds to the flavor. Don't tell me your grilled critter
flavor includes starter fluid? I will not believe it of the kitchen

maxine in ri