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> > The question is this: Can I, or should I, be doing something with the
> > bone that's going to come off each one? I maybe should've trimmed the
> > bone before I froze them. Phooey! Then I'd have six bones to do
> > something with all at once. But I didn't. So, can I accumulate these
> > bones over the summer and then "do something" with them when all the
> > meat eating's been done? Or should I just ditch the bone and be done
> > with it?
> >
> > Whaddaya think? I await your counsel.

> Just because you can't make jam out of them, you want to toss them out?
> Think stock, lady.
> Felice

No, I most assuredly did not want to toss them out, Fleece! As long as
I can just add a bone to what's already in the freezer I guess I'll be
fine. And will be making stock in October! LOL! We don't eat much
steak. I do regret not trimming them off the bone first, though. Crap!
I maybe could've had the butcher do that, too!
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