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"Melba's Jammin'" > wrote in message
>I picked up six rib steaks at Cub this morning; they are on sale for
> $5.89/lb. I think they're usually about $9/lb. They are thicker than
> I like (about 1-1/2" thick) and weigh between 1.33# and 1.6# each. I've
> vacuum-sealed five of them in Ziploc vac bags and we'll have the other
> one for dinner tonight.
> My plan is to either grill them as they are or to rub them with
> something first. I'm inclined to the former, boring cook that I am.
> The question is this: Can I, or should I, be doing something with the
> bone that's going to come off each one? I maybe should've trimmed the
> bone before I froze them. Phooey! Then I'd have six bones to do
> something with all at once. But I didn't. So, can I accumulate these
> bones over the summer and then "do something" with them when all the
> meat eating's been done? Or should I just ditch the bone and be done
> with it?
> Whaddaya think? I await your counsel.

Just because you can't make jam out of them, you want to toss them out?
Think stock, lady.