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Default The Huntress Returns

I picked up six rib steaks at Cub this morning; they are on sale for
$5.89/lb. I think they're usually about $9/lb. They are thicker than
I like (about 1-1/2" thick) and weigh between 1.33# and 1.6# each. I've
vacuum-sealed five of them in Ziploc vac bags and we'll have the other
one for dinner tonight.

My plan is to either grill them as they are or to rub them with
something first. I'm inclined to the former, boring cook that I am.

The question is this: Can I, or should I, be doing something with the
bone that's going to come off each one? I maybe should've trimmed the
bone before I froze them. Phooey! Then I'd have six bones to do
something with all at once. But I didn't. So, can I accumulate these
bones over the summer and then "do something" with them when all the
meat eating's been done? Or should I just ditch the bone and be done
with it?

Whaddaya think? I await your counsel.
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