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Default any climate change NOT caused by mankind - says the fool.

On Tue, 7 Apr 2009 22:24:55 -0400, Phil Gordon

Starkiller© wrote

It's not up to him to prove a "theory" wrong. It is up to putzs like
you to prove your little theories to be scientific fact before you
start demanding that the world kiss your ass.

You are confusing theory with hypothesis. Typical of someone who doesn't
undersstand science.


Yet you still do nothing other than rant and attack and do everything
else other than prove your little theory.
You dumbasses want the world to change based on a theory. No actual
scientific law or fact to back it up other than you like the way it
You want to say that mankind is the cause of GW then why can't you
dumbasses prove it?
Hell you don't want a murderer to go to jail without proof beyond any
reasonable doubt but you're all more than willing to try to **** up
the world over a theory.
You continuously change the subject from man made GW to just plain
climate change or like now, evade the question all together.
Either show the irrefutable proof that man is the cause of global
climate change or go **** up a rope.