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Default Healthy Eating

Nascuropathy is derived from the Ancient Greek words “Nasc” meaning nature and natural and the word “Cur” meaning care and to care for. It is the new collective name that is now used for the Natural Care™ Programme that I introduced into the nurseries in 2000.

I have chosen to use a new name as Natural Care™ has evolved from just a nursery development programme to a whole way of life...

The Nascuropathy lifestyle programme is not rocket science. It’s not a “new fad” or “revolutionary”, it’s simple, effective and it works.

Up until now, everything has been about “dieting”, all of the so called weight loss programmes or books out there talks about how “thin” you should be or how much weight you need to lose or even what dress size you should be.

Do they realise that they are making you...

• Obsessed about the food you eat
• Paranoid about counting calories
• Compulsive about recording your diet or weight loss

See the pattern here?

All that will happen is you will create a psychological pattern or roundabout effect that you won’t escape from. If you stop the roundabout or try to get off, your weight will just balloon again until you have to jump straight back on the same or yet another round-about.

So, forget about losing weight, you need to concentrate on being fit and healthy instead and live a 5* lifestyle.

For more information please visit Nascuropathy and read our free online magazine.