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Default Food Street Names

Sqwertz wrote:

If I ever design a housing subdivision...

Milky Wy
Buillon Ct
Rocky Rd
Food Ct
Fifth Ave
Olive Br
First Crse
Pillsbury Cres
Venison Xing
Fish Fry

Just going off the top of my head. I'm sure there's thousands more.

LOL In London:
Bread Str
Milk Str
Pear Str
Garlick Hill
Pickle Herring Str
Rum Close
Cinnamon Str
Wine Office Ct
Haunch of Venison Yd
Swan Lane
Tench Str
Saffron Hill

There's plenty more but those I know about. Most of those are in the
oldest parts of London and indicate what was traded there in the past.