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Default Food Street Names

"Gregory Morrow" wrote in message

brooklyn1 wrote:

"Sqwertz" wrote:
Sqwertz wrote:

Just going off the top of my head. I'm sure there's thousands more.

How could I forget Greg and Sheldon's favorite expressway !?!?!?!

Hershey Hwy


Hehe, you finally got one right... right up YOUR tight little dwarf shit
chute... I got a Peterbilt rig (with Garmin) for yer Hershey Hwy! LOL

Hey, Morrow... the sqwartz dwarf is jonesin' to give you a big wet smooch
right on your Hershey Kiss! hehe

Ahahahahahahahahahaha. . . .


Anyways, I heard that Steve's mum embroidered his knee pads with sequins
sparkles...mebbe he can get some "action" out at the truck stop tonite,



Speaking of Hershey I hear tell the sqwartz dwarf goes on vacation canoing
western PA hoping to get lucky. LOL