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Default Elderberry Goo Residue Removel Help

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There is a product called 'Goo Gone', and it works wonders on the "white,
latex-based glue-from-he**" used to affix wine labels. It might help your
situation. It's a citrus based cleanser. Look for it at your local
'big-box' home improvement center or check your local grocery store. I've
never made elderberry wine, so I can't say that I've experience. But also
understand that the Goo-Gone also has petroleum-based products in it, so
you will also have to use a plain detergent afterwards. Yuk.

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We have been making elderberry wine for years. This year we made
another 12 gallons. The big problem we have is cleaning up. During
and after primary fermentation we end up with a non-soluble goo. We
still haven't discovered a way to wash it off our stirrer, our primary,
or anything else. Does anyone have a sure fire way of getting it off
stuff. My 90 year old mother is the wine master and she has it on her
finger nails.


Andie Z

There is a really simple and magical something that does it which I
can't remember at the moment. This question comes up every now and then
so stay tuned for a solution from a guru for your goo.


I think the solution was to use vegetable or olive oil. From memory, the goo
is soluble in the oil. The combination is then able to be cleaned off with
ordinary dish detergent... or that's what my pickled memory is telling me.