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Default Pakistani-Indian yogurt curry

PeterLucas wrote:

"James Silverton" wrote in news:gokg6n$ef9

phil--c wrote on Wed, 04 Mar 2009 08:51:13 +0900:

Speaking as someone who has tried to achieve "no-fat" for 20 years (if
it ain't broke don't fix it and I'm still around after a heart bypass)
I resent the recipes that say "never use non-fat yoghurt since it will
curdle". I don't think the authors have ever tried but stirring in a
tablespoon of ordinary flour into the yoghurt before addition prevents

James..... "phil--c" is 'phil-c' aka 'pits09', 'spamlister',
'nemisis'(LOL!!!), 'tired-pits' etc, etc.

It's the original stalker-troll who went back to ozdebate and dragged the
other stalkers back with, *it* was the one that started all the
shit in here.

Now it's trying to be a 'regular', with it's Googled posts, and pretends
it doesn't know anything about the stalkers.

Best bet is to killfile it.

Shut the **** up, Peter. Go have your mental breakdown someplace
else, will ya?