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Default Pakistani-Indian yogurt curry

On Mar 3, 5:31*am, phil--c wrote:
Two questions . How did it taste *(in your opinion)

Will you be doing *it again and if *any modifications ?

The taste was okay, but I'm going to be trying other brands of curry
mix, and hopefully one will resemble what I get at my favorite
Pakistani-Indian restaurants in San Francisco. It seems that every
brand of Indian or Thai curry has way too much red chile in it, which
overwhelms all the other spices. I wish they would omit it and let
the cook just add as much extra chile as he wants. One day I want to
attempt making curry with whole spices I toast and grind myself.

I had resisted trying to cook with yogurt because previous attempts
had always caused the yogurt to curdle into a disgusting mess, but the
corn starch trick worked perfectly. I thinned it out with some
coconut milk for my second serving and it really enhanced the flavor,
but added a lot of fat. I love Thai peanut sauce, so I might sautee
some raw peanuts and puree them with the yogurt and coconut milk,
though I doubt it's authentic for Indian curries.