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Default Easter cometh (natural Easter egg dying)

On Mar 2, 7:13 pm, Arri London wrote:
Omelet wrote:

In article ,
"Bob Terwilliger" wrote:

bulka wrote:

Now I've got to make tea eggs. Jeeze!

Fortunately, they're pretty easy to make. Reading over this thread, I'm
wondering about how well red wine would work instead of tea in that
application. Say, red wine, star anise, stick cinnamon, and orange peel?


Y'know, that is a seriously awesome idea. :-) And makes me more glad
than ever that I started this thread for different views...

The eggs would likely end up tasting like mulled wine. Could work. Would
look nice.

My first attempt at tea eggs was - interesting. Very mottled, some

More subltle flavor and less penetration than I had imagined. Good,
though. Between boiling them enough to crack the shell, and thinking
I needed a hot marinade, may have been a little overcooked.

Working on the mulled wine eggs now. Gonna try to craze the shells at
the earliest possible moment. Just heat the wine and spices and let
it steep.