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Default Pakistani-Indian yogurt curry

Two questions . How did it taste (in your opinion)

Will you be doing it again and if any modifications ?

Here is my first attempt at Pakistani-Indian yogurt curry:

I made homemade yogurt and then whisked it with corn starch to prevent
separation as it cooks, then whisked in some olive oil along with a
portion of the curry spice mix.

Grate some fresh garlic, ginger, and onion, lightly sautee it in
little bit of oil, add a little butter, stir in a portion of curry
spice mix and turn off heat, remove from pan and allow to cool.

Once the spice mash has cooled, whisk it in the yogurt and pour into
pan. Slowly bring to a boil while whisking continously, adding some
water or chicken broth and maybe coconut milk as it thickens while
briging to a boil, then add diced cooked chicken and reduce heat to
low, cover and stir occasionally.

Cook the chicken curry while you prepare rice, adding a small amount
of curry spice mix to taste near the end, but watch it because all the
mixes seem to overdose on the red chile.

If you add coconut milk, you might want to omit the butter, and you
could probably reduce the amount of oil without harm.

The corn starch worked as a perfect binder, and the yogurt didn't
separate nor did the oil, and after half and hour the chicken was
tender and the curry sauce was thick and creamy and I served it over
rice. Naan bread would have been good, but I haven't learned how to
make it yet.

I used Shan brand 50g box of Chicken Shahi Curry mix from Pakistan,
and it was okay but I've still over half a dozen different mixes to
go, which I picked up at an Indian market for a dollar a box. Things
I might modify would be to add some lemon/lime juice, and maybe some
peanuts for a Thai twist, which would be especially good pureed with
coconut milk. Some of the mixes call for tomatoes or tomato paste.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Recipe suggestion - see instructions above:

Cooked Chicken: 350g

Yogurt: 300g
Corn Starch: 25-30g
Oil: 10-15g

Onion: 20g+
Garlic: 10g+
Ginger: 20g+
Oil: 10-15g
Butter: 10-15g (optional)

Curry Mix: 10-20g (careful!)

Coconut Milk: 50-150g
Chicken Broth: 50-150g

Extra water if needed
- - - - - - - - - - - -