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Default Easter cometh (natural Easter egg dying)

Lynn from Fargo Ografmorffig wrote:

On Mar 1, 3:54 pm, Omelet wrote:
In article

bulka wrote:
On Mar 1, 11:57 am, Arri London wrote:

Does making 'tea eggs' count? The shells need to be cracked before

Dammit people! We don't eat as much here as I want to cook as it is.
Now I've got to make tea eggs. Jeeze!


grins Pastorio used to serve those at some of his fancier buffets. :-)
I've not tried making them yet.
Peace! Om

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I made those once for a Passover seder. They had anise in the water
and vinegar other things. You broke the shells after they were hard
boiled in tea and stuff and soaked them in another "pickling" liquid.
Gorgeous - like Italian marble.
Lynn in Fargo
Used to get pale blue and green and beige chicken eggs from a farmer
friend. Wish I'd blown the shells.

Now that's a different sort of tea egg. Have never made them with
vinegar and never pickled them after.