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Default Easter cometh (natural Easter egg dying)

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"Nancy Young" wrote:

Omelet wrote:

I've not made onion skin eggs since mom passed away. She's the one
that taught me that trick. :-) I'm currently saving the "paper"
onion skins that it takes to do it as I want to teach the method to
my nephews. I'll be sure to take pics this year.

Wrap raw eggs in dry onion skins, bind with cheese cloth and cotton

Hard boil.

Unwrap, let cool and coat lightly with some cooking oil.

They really are quite lovely.
I'll try to take pics this year if I actually do it. It'll depend on
the babysitting schedule...

Anyone else use "natural" dyes for doing Easter Eggs?

Years ago I saw something on tv that really caught my
imagination. Similar to the onion skins, wrap the egg in
a red cabbage leaf. The egg wound up with a lovely pale
blue color with veining from the cabbage. Gorgeous.

Of course, I only tried it once, I don't normally do Easter


I'll have to try that in addition, thanks! I quit doing easter eggs too
for awhile until my sister moved back from Arizona. Now with the boys, I
have incentive again. :-) They are three and six and they've been
letting me babysit a lot more on weekends lately. I love it.
Peace! Om

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