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Default Easter cometh (natural Easter egg dying)

> On Mar 1, 7:59 am, "Nancy Young" > wrote:

>> Years ago I saw something on tv that really caught my
>> imagination. Similar to the onion skins, wrap the egg in
>> a red cabbage leaf. The egg wound up with a lovely pale
>> blue color with veining from the cabbage. Gorgeous.
>> Of course, I only tried it once, I don't normally do Easter
>> eggs.

> That sounds very interesting! I will try it this year and share with
> my "Green Wednesdays" friends!

I googled 'dyeing eggs red cabbage' and saw a couple of hits
right away. First one was Martha Stewart, but she just used
the red cabbage to make blue eggs. A different website mentioned
rubber banding the cabbage leaves to get that vein-y look.

If you do it, I hope it turns out well. Of course, there are other
natural dyes aside from the onion skins and the cabbage.