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Default Easter cometh (natural Easter egg dying)

Nancy Young wrote:
> Omelet wrote:
>> I've not made onion skin eggs since mom passed away. She's the one
>> that taught me that trick. :-) I'm currently saving the "paper"
>> onion skins that it takes to do it as I want to teach the method to
>> my nephews. I'll be sure to take pics this year.
>> Wrap raw eggs in dry onion skins, bind with cheese cloth and cotton
>> string.
>> Hard boil.
>> Unwrap, let cool and coat lightly with some cooking oil.
>> They really are quite lovely.
>> I'll try to take pics this year if I actually do it. It'll depend on
>> the babysitting schedule...
>> Anyone else use "natural" dyes for doing Easter Eggs?

> Years ago I saw something on tv that really caught my imagination.
> Similar to the onion skins, wrap the egg in a red cabbage leaf. The egg
> wound up with a lovely pale
> blue color with veining from the cabbage. Gorgeous.
> Of course, I only tried it once, I don't normally do Easter
> eggs.
> nancy

Jean B.