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Default Tempered chocolate

"Dee Randall" wrote in message
What are the main uses for "tempered" chocolate in recipes?
Candy or ice cream only? Or would one use it in baking recipes?


Tempering chocolate for baking is pretty much a waste of time. The process
of tempering makes chocolate shiny, with a nice snap when bitten into.
Clearly, when mixed in a cake batter, those attributes are not what we're
seeking! Tempering is generally done for dipping and candy making. You
can pipe tempered chocolate onto parchment and let it set and it should
harden at room temp. You can do this to make decorations for a dessert,
garnishes, etc. Other than that, there's no need to temper it for baked
items or mousses and such, and you also don't need to temper it to pour it
over ice cream.