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Default I ate the whole thing

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"pintlar" wrote:

Not at once, but within 3 days.
I have to tell you about a recipe I found on a TV cooking show. I
hate to push a show but Paula Prentiss had a recipe on last year that was so
simple, I did not bother to add it to my recipe file.
I made the dish a three times last year, and really enjoyed it. I was
amazed at how tasty such a simple dish could be. Then I forgot about it.
Last week I caught just the last few minutes of a rerun of that show, and
since I could not locate that recipe in my files, I had to go to the site
and get it.
It is babyback pork short rib, sauerkraut, spud recipe. And it is
sensational (at least to me).
I use my 10 quart cast iron dutch oven.
I deeply brown the individual (salt & peppered) ribs in peanut oil, with a
little garlic.
Then with the ribs removed one cooks a sliced onion with some more (mine)
garlic. Cook until translucent. Salt and pepper. Get all the pork goodies
off the bottom of the pan.
Then put in 6 nu potatoes, (I had to use Golden Yukons this time of year),
cut into 1/16's, (4 lengthway wedges each cut into 4's again). I sneak a
hearty dash of cumin on top of the spuds.
Add a 1/2 cup white wine, or stock, or water.
Put the ribs back on top of this.
Place a pound of good sauerkraut on top all this.
One can finish this off on the stovetop but I prefer to put it into a 325 F
preheated oven for about 2 - 2 1/2 hours.
Sprigs of parsley to garnish.


It sounds very good!
Peace! Om

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