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Default finally convinced my hubby

Evelyn wrote:

: "Michelle C" wrote in message
: ...
: "Evelyn" wrote in message
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: This is a guy who has always been extremely healthy, active, and any sort
: of illness or weakness is not included in his definition of himself.
: Evelyn, the majority of the men in my family are like that too. To kowtow
: to a physical illness is to admit weakness. And we can't have that! I've
: had a couple of them tell me they'd rather be dead.

: Then you DO know what I am dealing with. This morning, after that nice low
: carb dinner the night before, I woke up to see him eating one of those huge
: english muffins with lots of jam on it. He's definitely still in denial
: about it.

Can you just keep the no sugar added Smuckers jam in the house? Also keep
lots of Wasa or Ryevita in plae of all those english muffins. Then he can
have peanut butter and jelly if he likes.

I have also found the Arnold bakery carb bread pretty good and infinitely
better than the "light" breads which are so insubstantial that they don't
satisfy. the Arnold I get has 9 grams of carb per slice, 3 fiber for 6
grams net and tastes pretty good and has some heft.