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Default Super Bowl

Cheddar Cheese
Pepper Jack Cheese
Grated American Cheese
Chili Beans
Raw Onions
Soda/Oyster crackers
Mild diced green chilies
Fritos Scoops
Cooked Spaghetti
Several different hot sauces
About anything else you can think of.



Spaghetti??? * You forgot rice and sour cream.

Not to mention sliced jalapeno peppers.

I think it's a Cincinnati Chili thing he's going for. I lived in
Cincinnati for five years and the Chili isn't really Chili as most
people think, but more of a runny, somewhat bland meat sauce with a
consistency closer to sloppy joes or taco meat without the chopped
onions and peppers in it. And you put the hot sauce on top to your
own liking. Cincinnati Chili isn't an Italian Dish or a Mexican dish
but was first developed by a Greek restaurant owner in the Cincinnati
area in the early 1920's.