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Default Pape Clement

Bill S. wrote:

1990 Pape Clement I enjoy most clarets from this wonder year, but
sadly this one disappointed me. Lean and tannic, although it did sort
itself out a little with time in the glass. The fruit level seems OK
maybe it needs time? Still, a far cry from the 1990s we are used to.

Coincidentally, Bill, at dinner tonight with some non-geeky friends,
they opened a bottle of the '90 P-C that they'd received a few years ago
as a wedding present. Here are my impressions:

1990 Pape-Clement
nose: strong dose of cedar and spice, dark fruit laying underneath,
turning later to smoke and minerals
palate: very young-seeming, fruity and cedary, taking on some minor
herbal character later but largely showing very primary

"Lean and tannic" do not jibe well with my impressions of the wine we
had tonight. I wonder if your bottle might have been off in some way,
perhaps even a light dose of cork taint?

Mark Lipton