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Swertz wrote:
> James Silverton > wrote:
>> Hello All!
>> Very OT but it's almost unbelievable that Jong Un, his third son, is
>> being anointed as the successor to the Dear Leader of North Korea. King
>> Jong II is really going to followed by King Jong III :-)

> Wow.
> ObFood: Today I saw an otherwise nicely proportioned lady with large
> boobs and a very tight shirt that said "Free dugs". Apparently her
> pimp tried to change the "H" in "Hugs" into a "J" for "Jugs" but
> didn't quite finish the job.
> -sw

Let me be the first to say, that a a pair of "jugs" is quite needed at
certain parts of your life. They have certainly provided comfort to me
in a few parts of my life that required comforting (note I did not take
this in a sexual direction). I just believe a good hug or snuggle can
certainly abate many of the negative things in life. I could have just
said love, but the reality is touch is needed. I also think this works
both ways. I think women need the same things to.