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On Jan 15, 9:13*am, "Bill S." wrote:
Notes from a vertical tasting dinner of Ch. Pape Clement

Pape Clement I the oldest continuously cultivated property in
Bordeaux, being able to claim wine production since around 1300. It
got a new start in 1937 when the hails destroyed the vines and it
produced workmanlike wines until a renaissance in the 1980s, not
entirely due to the influence of Michel Rolland, who only came on
board *in the ate 1990s. *The wines tend to be approximately 50%
merlot and 50% cabernet sauvignon. *They also make a white in very
small amounts (5.5 acres under white vs. 66 acres under reds) that is
very hard to find and expensive when you do ($200 plus)

I have had the 1970 red. It was decent, but nothing special. I have a
single bottle of the 1961.

I still have one bottle of the 1977 blanc, but it could well be past
the drink-by date now. Despite the bad reputation of 1977 for reds,
the 1977 blanc was at least more than drinkable. It had a lot of acid
and needed some time to smooth out enough. I do not recall the price
about 1980 when I bought it, but it was likely around $US 10 then.
Inflation alone does not explain the current extreme price you quote.
Wine making has improved, more people have heard about it now, critics
likely have reported that they like it, and the very small production
likely all contribute to the very high price.