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Default 1999 Domaine de Charmy Clos Vougeot

Hi Dale,
How I agree with you.
On Sun, 11 Jan 2009 18:31:37 -0800 (PST), DaleW

found this bottle of 1999 Domaine de Charmy Clos de Vougeot GC. ?
even close to village wine let alone a Grand Cru wine. ?The wine
didn't taste old...just bad. "C-"

While I always like to taste new things, I must say the GCs from
producers you've never heard of are a truly risky bunch.

Here here, and the same goes for 1 cru too. I remember ages ago, I
haopened to meet the new manager of a local supermarket and he invited
us to the pre-open ing wine tasting of their fair. I won't comment on
the fact that there was a table 30 feet long stuffed full of unknown
Bordeaux of indeterminate parentage and uncertain vintages, while more
interesting regions had only 3 or 4 examples.

No, I will reserve my ire for the Burgundy table about 3 feet long
with maybe ten wines or so, most of which were regional wines from
poor years. However, there was one wine which looked interesting, I
regret I didn't note the grower. Anyway this was a Beaune 1er Cru Clos
des Mouches if I remember right, thought it might have been
Bressandes. It was from a perfectly decent year, possibly '90. On
pouring it, I was struck by how pale it was. But when I sniffed it, I
was transfixed by it's awfulness. A strong odour of vomit, with no
discernable fruit at all. It wasn't corked, it was merely dire. And
that disagreeable nose was carried through onto the mouth - I did have
some difficulty in bringing myself to taste it, but my oenological
curiosity overcame my sense of self preservation.

This was about the worst tasting bottle of wine I've ever had the
misfortune to come across.

All the best
Fatty from Forges