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Default 1999 Domaine de Charmy Clos Vougeot

On Jan 12, 1:50�am, cwdjrxyz wrote:
On Jan 11, 8:31�pm, DaleW wrote:

While I always like to taste new things, I must say the GCs from
producers you've never heard of are a truly risky bunch. There are
probably plenty of producers of Bourgogne or village Pommard, Gevrey,
or Santenay that most of us have never heard of. But no name Grand Cru
tends to taste more of the no name than the GC! Sorry re the

At one time some of the larger stores in the US had house brands of
wines, and perhaps some still do. I have only one example of such
which is a GC Burgundy for Macy's "specially selected in France by
Macy's Famous Taster for Macy's Fine Wine and Liquor Store." It is
labeled as Vintage 1959, Mise du Domaine, �Marceau Le Chambertin,
Burgundy Red Table Wine, Appellation Controlee, Exclusively Bottled
For R. H. Macy & Co., Inc., Bamiberger's, Newark _ N.J. The above
label information is given in the order it appears on the label. In
addition "Estate Bottled" in very large red letters is printed over
the label text at about a 45 degree angle. A tiny back label reads:
"Imported by Treasury Importing Company - New-York - N.Y." The bottle
size is 3/4 quart.

The color of the wine now is now quite light as seen through the light
green neck of the bottle. It could still be good, but I have my
doubts. One will know much more when the bottle is first opened so
that it can be seen if the light color is pinkish or tan, in which
case the wine may stink and have to be discarded. I do know that a
1958 DRC La Tache still has a much deeper color as seen through the
neck than this wine does.

Funny, the Macy's and the "estate bottled" info- I guess the producer
is Marceau?

But who knows, maybe it's great. I've had very good older Burgundys
that were quite light in bottle. Plus Chambertin is a much more
uniform vineyard than Clos Vougeot, Not to mention there was far less
domaine bottlings back then. Whenever you get to it, be sure to post!