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Default 1999 Domaine de Charmy Clos Vougeot

On Jan 11, 10:02�am, "Bi!!" wrote:
I made a stew with chicken legs and thighs and red wine (pinot noir)
at the farm last night and I rummaged around in my storage cellar and
found this bottle of 1999 Domaine de Charmy Clos de Vougeot GC. �I
have no idea where it came from or the provenence but I suspect that
it was a gift and never had nor heard of the Domaine before I figured
I would open it since none of the others would know burgundy from
bullshit. �It was bullshit. �The wine was quite light in the glass,
almost rose in color. �There was little discrnable nose except for a
faint hint of sour cherry. �The wine was thin on the palate with a bit
of cherry and cola and an overwhelming green acidic streak. The wine
would perhaps pass as a slightly below averge Bourgogne but wasn't
even close to village wine let alone a Grand Cru wine. �The wine
didn't taste old...just bad. "C-"

While I always like to taste new things, I must say the GCs from
producers you've never heard of are a truly risky bunch. There are
probably plenty of producers of Bourgogne or village Pommard, Gevrey,
or Santenay that most of us have never heard of. But no name Grand Cru
tends to taste more of the no name than the GC! Sorry re the