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Default New Year's black Eyed Peas

"Jacquie" wrote in message
When I cook hubby cleans When we have family over the men do clean
up...Yes we trained them well..LOL.
That split pea soup sounds yummy...I haven't had it in so long. ...Hubby
doesn't like green stuff unless its in a salad Many restaurants don't
seem to serve it anymore..or I am there on the wrong day.

Wow, you did train them well!

Soups are not only healthy, but good diet food, and very economical. For
some reason soups are no longer as popular as they once were. Perhaps with
the economy as it is, they will grow in popularity again.

There are a lot of canned soups I never see around anymore. Campbells used
to have Pepper Pot, Chicken Gumbo, and Scotch Broth. All of them were
delicious, and I used to always keep them in the house. I guess it is time
to try and make all of these myself, or some approximation of them.

Some of the soups I made regularly are; chicken vegetable, Italian Wedding
soup, chicken broth with Matzo balls, Beef mushroom barley, Lentil, Ham
barley, and various cream of vegetable soups, such as cream of spinach,
cream of broccoli, cream of potato and Minestrone.

As for approximating some of my old favorites that I never see in cans
anymore, I probably won't try the pepper pot, since that is made with tripe,
and I am unsure of how to handle it. But I certainly could make the
others. A lamb shank might be a good base to make the scotch broth with.
The chicken gumbo is really just a chicken tomato with the addition of Okra
and green pepper, and perhaps a piece of sausage.
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"Nick Cramer" wrote in message
"Evelyn" wrote:
"Nick Cramer" wrote in message
Nicky here is my recipe. It is simple and usually I have these
ingredients on hand.

Sounds lazy-good, Ev. Fortunately, I have a house full of slaves to do
cooking! ;-D

I am the only one around here. Sometimes I can con my husband into
helping a little, but not much. Fortunately I love to cook, and have a
large freezer, which I keep stocked.

This thanksgiving, a local grocery store gave out free turkeys or free
hams, whichever one you wanted. The hams were not low salt, as I'd had
that brand before, and we'd had our fill of turkey already at that point.

So I took a ham thinking I would solve the salt problem some way. It
was a huge ham, far too large for the two of us, so I put off using it
till yesterday. I knew it would be a big job.

I decided to boil the ham to solve the salty problem, and in the process
get a nice big pot of broth for soup. That worked out very well, and
once it was cooked through, I removed the ham to the side to cool.

I added a couple of packages of dried split peas, some chopped carrots,
garlic, celery, onion, parsnip and potato, and it made a great tasting
pot of soup. I used my wand blender to puree the whole thing when it
was done. While the soup was cooking I deboned the Ham, and the larger
chunks were sliced and served with dinner, the smaller stuff chopped and
added back into the pea soup.

I still have quite a bit left, for ham salad, breakfast, lunches,

Today we put the pea soup in plastic containers and froze it. Some I
gave to my neighbor so they will get a nice lunch out of it too. We
tend to like to have home made soup for lunches. This batch turned out
really good.

There are so many great kinds of soup that can be made from ham broth.
Various bean soups always are excellent, but I also make a
ham/vegetable/barley soup that is to die for, from ham broth as well.

Best Regards,

Rest in a sky-like mind.
Sit like a mountain floating on the earth.
Breathe like the wind circling the world