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Scarlet Pimpernel
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Default weber kettle grill temperature

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you think i'll get a
pretty accurate temperature reading with the vent hole configuration i

I really don't know how exact the temperature reading is, in relation to the
temp at the grid. I would suspect that with direct cooking, there would be a
significant variance as much of the heat absorbed by the meat would be
radiant, so the distance from source would matter. With indirect, the food
is cooked by the air temperature in the kettle, which I would guess is
fairly consistent. But all this is speculation on my part. If its 20 degrees
out it really doesn't bother me, I generally use it for:
- getting the temperature "under control" with a fresh fire, so I know when
I can load the meal-of-the-day
- keeping within a range while cooking, like 350-375.
- Noticing when it drops off, so I can react appropriately.