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Default weber kettle grill temperature

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really sinple question...

what's the best/most accurate way to read/gauge the temerature inside
a weber kettle grill?

With a thermometer ;-)

I bought a dinky little barbecue thermometer at Home Depot for about 8
bucks, with a short (1"?) probe. Pop it through one of the top vent holes,
and it works great. Attached a wire loop so I can take it out without
scrabbling for a grip when its hot...

I'll post a pic on



i like that idea. i'll swing by home depot and get one. i situate
the top of the weber kettle grill so the air holes are on the direct
opposite side from the banked fire. obviously the food is on the
opposite side from the fire, now directly under the air holes. i do
that so the smoke has to pass from the fire, then over/through the
food, on its way out through the air holes. you think i'll get a
pretty accurate temperature reading with the vent hole configuration i

i've never really known how hot the temp was inside the kettle. i've
never used more than the "hand over the grill, counting mississippis"