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Default a deco a deco tasting

"James Silverton" wrote:

I live and learn! I was not aware that sparkling wines were made in NZ
(and I'll resist the temptation to call them "champagnes" :-) Do you or
his Lordship know where they can be bought oversea. I'd be most
interested in the Washington, DC area of course.

[Still in the UK - will respond in more detail on my return to NZ]


Considering that Veuve Clicquot owns Cloudy Bay, and Deutz is in
partnership with NZs largest producer, Montana (and part of the Pernod
Ricard Group) and that NZ (in general) and Marlborough (in particular)
is the southern hemisphere's only true cool climate wine producer, why
should you be surprised.

The UK discovered Lindauer many years ago, where it remains one of the
best selling, best priced traditional method sparklers.