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Default a deco a deco tasting

Tuesday past saw Lt Helier and spouse as well as myself and my wife at a
local place in Whangarei. It was in a word fabulous, one of many reasons
that one could eat happily in NZ. (The prior night we ate in a more
private setting with an equally (better?) meal of Thai shrimp soup and
rack of lamb prepared by our amiable host.)

Tasting Menu

We created out own tasting for this, a Deutz sparkler from marlbourough.
It was bone dry and sparkling a nice start (though I prefered the
Lindauer pinkish almost rose and a bit less dry though not sweet that we
had the night before)

Salmon cured with local Citrus & Lemon-Z, Mahoe Yogurt & Chive Ice
cream, Sourdough crumble

Ivicevich estate Chardonnay 2004

This was my least favorite slightly oaked though served a bit too cool
to really pring out the flavour and when warmed was still a little to

Handmade Linguine with Tomato, Parsley & Chilli, Prawn & Shelfish Nage

Martin Códax Albariño 2006

Oh my, this is what a tasting menu is supposed to do, take a fairly
unassuming though nice flowery yet dry wine and match it with a dish
that fits like cogs to a gear (OK very bad descriptor but what can I
say?) Either was good, together they were a delight.

Wild Rabbit Saddle with Confit Leg Galette, Hazelnuts & Mushrooms,
Witloof & Currant Salad

Te Mata Woodthorpe Gamay Noir 2008

Admittedly I like Gamay, this one was very fruity and like the albarino
before it, made love to the duck (Better? certainly racier, lol) I was
reminded of a cru Beaujoulais such as Fleurie or Julienas.

House Sorbet

Roast Venison Denver Leg with spiced Beetroot, Chestnut & Potato,
Cinnamon Cocoa Jus

Thyme Hill Merlot 2006

Thyme Hill on their web site says
Thyme Hill Vineyard

Thyme Hill is located in Alexandra within the wine region of Central
Otago, New Zealand.

We pride ourselves on producing high quality wine and have over the past
few years been recognised as a leading producer of Merlot Wines within
New Zealand.

On our website you will find details of the wines we have produced and
more details of how the Thyme Hill project evolved.

We hope you enjoy our website and please contact us if you wish to try
our wine.

What we said was Merlot from Otago???? Reserving judgment we were
rewarded with a sturdy and flavorful Merlot with nice body and finish
though for me the Gamay was perhaps the best of the lot.

Apricots steeped in Vanilla Verjuice with Cardamom Gelato, Honey Wafers
& Pistachio Ginger nut soil

M.Chapoutier Muscat De Beaumes De Venise 2006

Here the wine was clearly the predominate expression of the course, the
plate itself was ambitious but confusing, Chapoutier cleared things
immensely with a straight forward vin doux that worked best with the
apricots and allowed one to forget about any flaws, who, by that time
was hunry anyway!

5 Course Tasting Menu $80
5 Course Tasting Menu with Wine Selection $120

thought I would throw in the prices just to get my fellow Americans a
taste of what the dollar can do in New Zealand. Those price are NZD the
US equivalent last week was $44 and $66. I couldn't get the meal at home
for $66 let alone the wine.


Joseph Coulter

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