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Nathan Lau
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Default SURVEY: Binaries on Alt.Food.Barbecue

MikeT wrote:
The expiration time on Alt.Binaries.Food is preposterous.
Being an alt.binaries group, it gets lumped in with the handfuls of PORN groups.
The pix folks post of their food porn only last long enough for the addicts to
view them. When us reformed (or non-admitted) addicts get there the beautiful
pix are long gone.

I would like to see if there is objection to posting of BBQ Pictures to this

Please reply to the top of this thread with a simple subject line of Yes or No.
If you want discussion go ahead and add some

Yes, I object to posting binaries in a non-binary newsgroup. Get
addicted or get a better newsgroup provider.

ObBBQ: 8 rolled racks of BRITU on the WSM right now. Weather outside is
in the low 50's and overcast. Temp is stabilized at 225. Depending on
how good they look coming out, I *may* post pics to ABF.


Nathan Lau
San Jose, CA

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