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Default Grocery stores

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> On Mon, 10 Nov 2008 16:34:57 -0800, "Dimitri" >
> wrote:
>>The markets must think we are idiots with their savings deals but one is
>>virtually forced into playing their games.
>>Who are they kidding?

> My local FRY's Grocery prices everything at 150%.
> When you use your club-card, they reduce the price
> to 100%, then brag about how much $$ they've saved you.
> ( their "reduced" price is still spendy )
> I can't wait for a WalMart supercenter to come to town !

Just moved (a year ago) from a town with a Sams and a Wal Mart Super center
in the same area. I was not impressed with the Super center prices with a
few exceptions.

If you pay attention to prices you can do much better than the Super Center.
Occasionally they did have some items which were priced competitively but it
was not an across the board discount pricing structure.