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Default TN: Election night wines: bubbly, whites, and a red I'd as soonforget

On Nov 5, 6:30*pm, "Paul E. Lehmann" wrote:
Dick R. wrote:
DaleW wrote:
Last night we went over to friends, to watch
elections returns and
celebrate. *We ate chili, sushi, and mushroom
canapes while watching returns (including
Comedy Central, we actually watched Jon Stewart
declare Obama the winner at 11), debating, and


I realize not everyone shares my political
views, but I hope everyone appreciates the
historical significance of last night. It was
moving to me to watch alongside *an
African-American friend in his sixties, who
never thought he'd see that day. I thought
McCain's concession speech showed a glimpse of
the McCain I thought was my favorite Republican
8 years ago, and Obama's speech was stirring
yet nuanced, not the easiest combo.

I've always thought of John McCain as one of the
good guys, but I think he got tangled up trying
to tow the party line. Maybe if he had run as an
independent, the results would have been
different. I still think he's a good guy, but
I'm glad he won't be our next president. JMHO
Dick R.

IMHO, he made a BIG mistake by sucking up to the
religious nuts - the ones he once called agents
of intolerance. *I would like to see any and all
American politicians not pander to the religious
extremists. *He would have been a lot more
successful running as a true independent and not
taking on the baggage of the so called "base" of
his party.

As for me, I am drink some of my backyard estate
grown Merlot / Cabernet Franc blend and some of
my Pineapple Melomel, (mead (honey wine) made
with honey and pinapples)).- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Like Joseph Coulter, I chose to remain sober; I wanted to ensure that
I would actually be awake when it became more-or-less official. I was
a McCain voter, but I'm not surprised that he lost. The voters seemed
intent on clearing the decks of anyone with the slightest "Bush
taint". Ultimately, he was undone by his own quote that he voted with
Bush 90% of the time, a quote that was used in Obama's TV ads.