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Default TN: Election night wines: bubbly, whites, and a red I'd as soon forget

Hi Dale & other USAian,

I sat up till 4am, until the Ohio "results" made the outcome certain.

I'm afraid that it didn't occur to me to have any wine. I felt that
somehow it was too momentous.

I, too was very moved by Senator McCain's concession when I saw it
this morning and by Senator Obama's acceptance.

The only problem with high hopes is that they often precede deep
disillusion. You've got huge problems facing your country, I very much
hope you can surmount them.

Unlike Mark, I felt that the celebrations in Kenya pointed up how
atypical Mr Obama is, despite his adoption by the black community.
Actually his background may very well work to your advantage - I
certainly hope so.

And coming back on topic. We were in "finishing up the curries" mode
tonight. I drank beer but served two different growers' Bergheim
Rotenberg Grand Cru Gewurztraminers to our guests. Didn't taste either
of them, so I'm afraid I've got no notes.
All the best
Fatty from Forges