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Default TN: Election night wines: bubbly, whites, and a red I'd as soonforget

Mark Lipton wrote:

2001 Ridge Pagani Ranch - Yeah, I had to go American last night, and I
tip my hat to Ed Rasimus, wherever he might be. This wine was totally
on form last night: intensely fruity, tarry and structured with none of
the overripe fruit notes that can mar this vineyard's wines.

The Pagani Ranch has always been my favorite. I think the 88 Pagani
is one of the top 5 wines ever made in California.
Jancis Robinson was on Wine Library last Thursday telling how she
thought the Geyserville represents everything good about Ridge.

I was brought to tears when CNN showed images from Kenya, showing the
jubilation there. The significance of last night's election can hardly
be overstated. I too thought that McCain's concession speech was one of
his finest moments, gracious and thoughtful. I was initially quite
skeptical of Obama's speech, as it began like too many speeches I've
heard at the Academy Awards ("I'd like to thank my producer, who had
faith in me...") but he hit his stride midway through and he finished
strongly. I almost felt as if I was listening to Dr. King speak, and
that led me to wonder what he would have made of this election, which
brought me to tears again.

McCain's concession speech is one of the great moments of his life. He
was back to the great American he was in 2000. The rest of the world
seems to be greatly relieved that the Bush era is over. The election
showed that America has made a start in overcoming some of our bigotry