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Default TN: Election night wines: bubbly, whites, and a red I'd as soonforget

DaleW wrote:
Last night we went over to friends, to watch elections returns and
celebrate. We ate chili, sushi, and mushroom canapes while watching
returns (including Comedy Central, we actually watched Jon Stewart
declare Obama the winner at 11), debating, and cheering.

SNIP wines

Nice selection of wines, Dale. It's good to hear about the '07 Pepiere,
not that I had many doubts. We had a small group over to our house last
night to watch election returns, including some amount of the Daily Show
coverage. Our wines:

2006 Movia Ribolla - fairly anonymous, showing some oak and not much
clear character

2001 Ridge Pagani Ranch - Yeah, I had to go American last night, and I
tip my hat to Ed Rasimus, wherever he might be. This wine was totally
on form last night: intensely fruity, tarry and structured with none of
the overripe fruit notes that can mar this vineyard's wines.

2004 Scott Harvey 'Ancient Vines' Amador County Zinfandel - Since the
Pagani Ranch went so quickly, I retrieved this wine from the cellar.
Not as deep or as structured as the Pagani, it displayed classic Zin
berry fruit in a fairly soft package with just a hint of tar. Nice, but
overshadowed by its predecessor.

I realize not everyone shares my political views, but I hope everyone
appreciates the historical significance of last night. It was quite
moving to me to watch alongside an African-American friend in his
sixties, who never thought he'd see that day. I thought McCain's
concession speech showed a glimpse of the McCain I thought was my
favorite Republican 8 years ago, and Obama's speech was stirring yet
nuanced, not the easiest combo.

I was brought to tears when CNN showed images from Kenya, showing the
jubilation there. The significance of last night's election can hardly
be overstated. I too thought that McCain's concession speech was one of
his finest moments, gracious and thoughtful. I was initially quite
skeptical of Obama's speech, as it began like too many speeches I've
heard at the Academy Awards ("I'd like to thank my producer, who had
faith in me...") but he hit his stride midway through and he finished
strongly. I almost felt as if I was listening to Dr. King speak, and
that led me to wonder what he would have made of this election, which
brought me to tears again.

Sentimentally yours,
Mark Lipton

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