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Default time to close this spammy ng?

I enjoy this group and others a lot more since I started blocking messages
from spammers. If you're using Outlook Express to read newsgroups, when a
spam comes in, click on it to open it for reading. Then on the message
toolbar click on "Message", then "Block Sender". From then on, no more
messages from that spammer!

It'll take a week or so to get rid of the repeating spammers, and every so
often there'll be a new spam address to add to the blocked list, but this
cuts WAY down on trash.

If you accidentally block someone, you can remove their blocking by clicking
on "Tools" on the Outlook Express toolbar (not the message toolbar), then
"Message Rules" and "Blocked Sender's List" to remove them from the list.


"AngelCityArt" wrote in message
The only thing we seem to be baking up is SPAM - and not the good
kind! What's going on?