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Default Need recommendation for food/dough mixer

In article
Jane wrote:

Problem is I can't use it as a food processor too. I'm not sure I'm
going to be able to find what I want.

Wish I was an inventor........

Yeah, a mixer is great for mixing - and some have nice attachments for
pasta or whatever.

A food processor is great for that work and I happen to like my
cuisinart for small batches of bread dough. But when you threw in the
cookie dough requirement I think you lost out. The motor is so powerful
that I just can't imagine it doing that well.

For many years in itty bitty kitchens I was very happy with a food
processor plus a hand mixer for cookie dough, whipping cream or egg
whites and the like. Really, a hand mixer doesn't take up much space at
all and you can shove it in a drawer or cupboard and save counter space.