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Default Need recommendation for food/dough mixer

On Oct 24, 1:39*pm, Merryb wrote:
On Oct 23, 4:59*pm, Jane wrote:

I have an old food processor. *I'd like to replace it with something
that not only works as a food processor, but hopefully also as a dough
machine. * Specifically for mixing cookie dough, and perhaps bread
dough. *I'm at the point in my life where I need to make things as
simple as possible. *Trouble is I love to bake. *I tend to stick to
simple stuff because I just can't spend too much time on my feet. *I'm
thinking a machine that does the mixing for me while I add ingredients
would be a big help.

I don't have much counter space so I want to get something that is as
versatile as possible.

I'd appreciate recommendations.


How about a kitchenaid or a viking mixer? When my kitchenaid dies, I
will have to buy another!

Problem is I can't use it as a food processor too. I'm not sure I'm
going to be able to find what I want.

Wish I was an inventor........