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Default Soups On!!!!

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"jmcquown" wrote:

Bob Terwilliger wrote:
Christine wrote:

Are you joining the cookalong? I think you said you had to
work...but are you designating Lin to be your proxy?

No, I'm going to make minestrone this coming Wednesday night instead,
provided the nights are still chilly here.


I'm wishing for (practically begging for) chilly (or chili, heheh) weather!
It's 3:40 in the morming and still 70F degrees. And 96% humidity but that's
because it's been raining for three days straight. That's all it seems to
do here. Good thing I don't wait for cold weather before cooking a pot of
soup or stew


We need rain here, badly! :-)

Why wait to cook soups? Granted it's considered winter fare, but I often
cook small amounts of soup during the year.

If you crave it, go for it! g

At least it's been down into the 60's at night lately, but still in the
high 80's/low 90's during the day.
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