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Default Soups On!!!!

On Sat 11 Oct 2008 05:59:03p, Christine Dabney told us...

On Sat, 11 Oct 2008 20:59:15 GMT, Wayne Boatwright

What's the date again?
October 25th. Sometime in the afternoon, so soup can be dinner.


Sounds good. I'll put it on my calendar.

I have been reading about minestrone on and off this afternoon. I
have the latest John Thorne book, Mouth Wide Open, and he has a
chapter all about minestrone. The first example of minestrone he
gave, was the one you posted. I had to laugh...LOL.

That is funny, and odd. :-)

He says it is extremely good. He also gave other versions, which
also look very good.

One of the reasons I particularly like this one is that I like "thick"
soups and this one suits me. I'm not fond of brothy soups with random bits
and pieces floating about.

I found a great looking recipe in Lynn Rosetta Kasper's book, The
Italian Country Table, as well. Lidia also has a version in her
Italian American Table book.

Haven't gotten around to all the other Italian cookbooks I have, nor
the books on soup.

Lord knows you have more cookbooks than anyone I know, so you probably have
countless recipes for minestrone at your fingetips. :-)

Beans seem to be a constant in minestrone: sometimes canellini beans,
sometimes cranberry beans. I have both, but I adore cranberry beans,
and I will probably use those.

I also lean toward cranberry beans, but I'll probably use canellini beans
this time since I have them on hand.

Sometimes a parmesan rind is considered a necessity, but it depends on
the cook.

Having used both rind and just adding fresh parmegiano near the end of
cooking, I think I prefer the latter. SEems toa dd more flavor.

Some folks seem to use broth, and others just water. I haven't
decided yet which route I am going to go.

I must have broth, though I don't much care whether it's beef or chicken.

I am also seeing a few folks use prosciutto or pancetta, and in one
case (can't remember who at the moment) both are used.

I've never made or eaten minestrone with any meat in it. Not saying it
wouldn't be good. Just haven't tried it. If I were to add one, I would
probably use pancetta. Think the flavor would be more compatible.

In it's most elaborate form, minestrone seems to be a full meal soup.
Others seem lighter... I am leaning towards full meal type. And I am
thinking that a salad, bread and maybe a fruit dessert to round it
out. And since I love antipasti, I might add that....if I find a
complementary one.

I've always served it as the main course, often with bruschetta, but never
thought of a salad. It's a hearty meal, and I like it with the full slice
garlic bread crouton with pesto, even with the bruschetta on the side.

Maybe I should invite company...

In a perfect world, we would all fly to your house and cook pots and pots
of minestrone. :-)

Wayne Boatwright
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