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Default Soups On!!!!

On Sat, 11 Oct 2008 20:59:15 GMT, Wayne Boatwright

What's the date again?

October 25th. Sometime in the afternoon, so soup can be dinner.


Sounds good. I'll put it on my calendar.

I have been reading about minestrone on and off this afternoon. I
have the latest John Thorne book, Mouth Wide Open, and he has a
chapter all about minestrone. The first example of minestrone he
gave, was the one you posted. I had to laugh...LOL.

He says it is extremely good. He also gave other versions, which
also look very good.

I found a great looking recipe in Lynn Rosetta Kasper's book, The
Italian Country Table, as well. Lidia also has a version in her
Italian American Table book.

Haven't gotten around to all the other Italian cookbooks I have, nor
the books on soup.

Beans seem to be a constant in minestrone: sometimes canellini beans,
sometimes cranberry beans. I have both, but I adore cranberry beans,
and I will probably use those.

Sometimes a parmesan rind is considered a necessity, but it depends on
the cook.

Some folks seem to use broth, and others just water. I haven't
decided yet which route I am going to go.

I am also seeing a few folks use prosciutto or pancetta, and in one
case (can't remember who at the moment) both are used.

In it's most elaborate form, minestrone seems to be a full meal soup.
Others seem lighter... I am leaning towards full meal type. And I am
thinking that a salad, bread and maybe a fruit dessert to round it
out. And since I love antipasti, I might add that....if I find a
complementary one.

Maybe I should invite company...