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Default Soups On!!!!

Christine Dabney wrote:
Heya folks,

Time for another cookalong!!!

We were talking in chat..and notbob laid down the challenge. He said
he had the best minestrone......

So now..we are gonna have a cookalong....and the subject is

Date: October 25
Time: afternoon/evening ...assuming you are all USA folks... I will
do it in the afternoon, MDT. More details forthcoming.

Make your best minestrone..or variation!!!

I am thinking Soupe au pistou..which is a variation....... Or maybe I
will go with a traditional minestrone... Dunno yet.


It doesn't *have* to be minestrone and you don't have to chat. But please
do cook along... some sort of soup on October 25th. Then post about it.
Take photos if you want to. This is fun stuff