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Default Soups On!!!!

On Sat, 11 Oct 2008 02:20:25 -0400, "jmcquown"

Sky wrote:
Christine Dabney wrote:

Heya folks,

Time for another cookalong!!!

We were talking in chat..and notbob laid down the challenge. He said
he had the best minestrone......

So now..we are gonna have a cookalong....and the subject is

Date: October 25
Time: afternoon/evening ...assuming you are all USA folks... I will
do it in the afternoon, MDT. More details forthcoming.

Make your best minestrone..or variation!!!

I am thinking Soupe au pistou..which is a variation....... Or maybe
I will go with a traditional minestrone... Dunno yet.


And take photos too!!!! My version will be include a lot of omissions
----- is that an oxymoron??? G

Sky, who'll take more photos and perhaps downsize just for Blinky ;

I don't have a digital camera here

do it the old fashioned way

Get a disposable camera and have Walgreens put it on a CD

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