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Default Ping: Larry - Eggs @ 250 - 'regular' ss frypan

"pltrgyst" wrote in message
On Mon, 6 Oct 2008 12:22:44 -0400, "Dee Randall"

I made the same scrambled eggs (4 eggs instead of 2, cream and clarified
butter) in an Emeril stainless steel pan (12", base 8-1/2")

heating it up a little bit and putting the butter in 'a little before' it
reached 250.
Cooked slowly.

No sticking! Great tasting!

Thanks again.

Great! Just wait a couple of weeks before you have your cholesterol level
checked... 8

-- Larry

I just did.
Whispering the result - 2-7-7. (up from 225)
Dee Dee